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Staff Description Empty Staff Description

on Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:45 pm
The Academy is divided into members and staff. Staff can go from Dorm leaders to Admins. The staff works together as a team to promote people or de-rank others. We keep the forum balanced and moderated so that the members can enjoy their stay here.

The Admins are in charge of the whole forum. Some admins deal with member promotion while others deal with the technical side of the forum. The admins along with the moderators decide who becomes staff and who does not.

Code Monkeys
The coders of the forum. They deal with the technical parts of the forum. They come up with new features for the forum and try to make the forum more enjoyable for others. They're equal to the Administrators.

Moderators are the "police" of the forum. They help keep the forum stable by deleting spam, warning members and managing credits. They are in-charge of shops and the duel arena's.

These guys are the "proctors" of the academy. They give you an exam to take in order to determine your dorm. They evaluate your skill and knowledge of dueling and give you a color.

Reporters are the only members allowed to write an article in the Library. They must have good comprehend able grammar and great use of their vocabulary. They moderate the whole Classroom section.

Ultimate Elite
The War Team of the academy. This group is lead by DarkFusion. It is the Elite dorm of the academy. Only those who are deemed worthy may be accepted into the team.

Graphic Designers
They are in-charge of all the graphics from new banners to accepting GFX Shop requests. The graphic designers in this forum are all Novice and above meaning they have left beginner level and have approached new ideas. They moderate the Art Studio.

Dorm leaders
Dorm leaders are the leaders of their selective dorm color. They are in-charge of handling tournaments and events within their dorm. They moderate their own dorms and are allowed to challenge other dorms to dorm wars.

Becoming Staff
Becoming a staff member is not easy. First you must show that you are responsible. You must be active and you must be just. Every few months we may pick a member to become staff. They only become staff by showing activity, being kind, following the rules, and by showing they can handle the job.
Male Posts : 235
Age : 21
Location : Florida
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Staff Description Empty Re: Staff Description

on Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:06 pm
Added information about the following groups:
-Code Monkeys
-Ultimate Elite
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