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Slifer Red
Slifer Red
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a lil snow animation tut

on Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:56 am
Im going to show you a technique I learned in making a signature with snowing effects.. although the snow effect in this tutorial is still not perfect. In the end of the tutorial I will just let you adjust the frames of the animation to achieve a better result.

Programs needed:
Adobe ImageReady
Adobe Photoshop (I'll be using Photoshop CS2)

Note: You need to have basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady.

First create a signature or just open an existing signature you made.. it's your choice.

I'm going to use this one:

Create a new layer and fill it with black.

Create another layer. Now use soft round brushes and start brushing on the layer you’ve created (Make the size vary from 5-16 depends on the size of your sig.)

My result:

Duplicate it at least 3-4 times and rename it so ‘Snow 1-5’ or something like that so you can keep track of it easier

Arrange all of the 'Snow Layers' to move down right or left like this.

When you are done press Shift + Ctrl + M to access ImageReady or Click the image ready icon that looks like this -->

Now in Image Ready.. If you don’t have the animation bar visisble like below then go to Window > Animation.

If you have all your snow layers visible then turn them all off by clicking the eye. Only leave ‘snow1’ on.

Turn the frame time to 0.1 seconds

STEP 10:
Create a new frame by clicking on the paper-like icon.
(Posted Image)

STEP 11:
Now go to the Layer tablet and hide ‘snow1’ and turn on ‘snow2’

STEP 12:
Click the Tween icon.

And use these settings:

then click OK

STEP 13:
Click on the last frame and duplicate another frame.

STEP 14:
Repeat Steps 11-12 (uncheck ‘snow2’ and turn on ‘snow3’ instead of 1 & 2) Do this for every Snow Layer, for me the last Snow Layer is the ‘snow4’

STEP 15:
Now go back to the last 3 frames and turn on ‘snow1’ on all of them, after that turn the opacity down to 15%

STEP 16:
Duplicate 2 more frames and turn off all the ‘snow Layers’ except ‘snow1’ on both frames

STEP 17:
Turn the opacity on the 2nd to last to 65% and the last frame to 75%.

STEP 18:
Go back to the 1st frame and uncheck the black filled layer and viola!

STEP 19:
Save your work and you're done!

If you follow the tutorial correctly then this will be the result:

Now if you're not satisfied with the animation it's upto you if you want to adjust the settings of the animation or maybe add more layers to achieve a more realistic or a better snow effect.
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Re: a lil snow animation tut

on Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:06 pm
^_^ How did you get so good? and how do you not have a job doin this?
Slifer Red
Slifer Red
Posts : 68
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Re: a lil snow animation tut

on Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:12 pm
A summer of nothing to do really, and all of those breaks. I had more time when I was away from everything ^_^
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Re: a lil snow animation tut

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