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Ultimate Duel Academy: Starter Guide Empty Ultimate Duel Academy: Starter Guide

on Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:17 pm

Ultimate Duel Academy: Starter Guide QM9KP

Ultimate Duel Academy: Starter Guide XijKP
Hello and welcome to Ultimate Duel Academy. This academy has been around since late 2010. We had a great run during those times with more than 500 members and 11669 posts. Due to the efforts of the Admins the academy was given a chance to prove itself to other academies of it's time. Unfortunately, everything falls one day. The old academy was hacked and all the members were deleted. This new forum was made in order to correct the mistakes of the old forum and to start afresh in a completely new forum and under a new Dueling System. This forum includes a new ranking system and many more features than the previous forum.

Ultimate Duel Academy: Starter Guide KrINK
Before you do anything in the academy, make sure to read the rules which are located Here. These rules were created to ensure that you and your fellow members would have a good experience here

Ultimate Duel Academy: Starter Guide RD6Jw
Dueling Systems are essential to play Yu-Gi-Oh! online. There are a few that work quite well and since they are free it makes it easier too play Yu-Gi-Oh! online.
This academy allows the usage of two systems for the moment. Those two systems are Dueling Network and YGOPro. YGOPro Requires a download in order to use while Dueling Network is an in-browser game allowing people who use a different OS to run it without any difficulty.

Ultimate Duel Academy: Starter Guide KWpdG
This academy, like any other, has dorms. Dorms are your rank. It can go from Slifer red, the lowest dorm, too Obelisk Blue, the highest dorm. Upon joining the academy you will not have a rank. Make a thread in the test requesting center and wait to be tested. You can advance in dorms through competitions, tournaments, and testing. Being in a certain dorm does not mean you are superior to the ones below you. A Slifer can be just as good as an Obelisk.

Ultimate Duel Academy: Starter Guide JmHMM
If you are ever in need of anything you can always spend your points in one of the shops located
Here. You can buy
anything from decks too graphics in the market. The main shop is also located here. If you are ever in need of a Signature/avatar you can visit the GFX shop
Here. If you ever want a deck then you should visit the deck shop located Here. UDA's other shops are shops where you can sell anything other than decks or graphics. They must be Yu-Gi-Oh! related. It is located Here.

Ultimate Duel Academy: Starter Guide Dx8ON
Tournaments are events in which people can duel each other. They range out from themed tournaments to regular old fashioned dueling. The main goal is too win and get 1st place. Winning tournaments allows you to rank up in a dorm. You cannot rank up further than Obelisk blue. Upon winning a tournament you will also receive a user-bar and points that you can spend in the Market.

Any other questions should be private messaged to the staff.
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