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Gagaga Gunman and the new Infernity OTK Empty Gagaga Gunman and the new Infernity OTK

on Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:42 pm
To manage the combo you'll need to know the 3 basic "Route"s for this, the HED Route, the most known, the Gunman Route and the Emeral Route. I decided to call them route because they are little comboes that let you do something, this is to help you understand the total combo.

The HED (Hundred-Eyes Dragon) Route requires at least an HED in the extra, with the usual grave setup, Archfiend, Avenger and Necromancer, and Mirage on the field (or ready to be summoned from the hand, doesn't really matter). This is the most known, just use Mirage's effect, SS Necromancer and Avenger, use Necromancer's effect, SS Archfiend and, if needed, use Archfiend's effect, but it changes from situation to situation, I'll explain it better during the combo. Synchro all into Hundred-Eyes and you'll have the field you need for the other comboes. If this Route is following the Gunman Route, you'll need to search with Archfiend to bounce with Brionac's effect the remaining XYZ monster.

The Gunman Route requires at least a Gunman in the extra deck, Mirage, 2 Necromancers and 2 Archfiends in the grave, and HED and Brionac on the field. This isn't hard ot achieve if you follow the total combo.
Just use HED's effect banishing Mirage, then tribute HED to SS 2 Necromancers, use first necromancer's effect to summon an Archfiend without searching or searching an ABC (Awesome Backrow Card, like Infernity Barrier or Infernity Break), then second Necromancer's effect to SS the second Archfiend and use his effect to search a discardable monster, usually beetle or general. XYZ the two Archfiends into a defense position Gunman, use his effect to deal damages and then XYZ the 2 Necromancers into Leviair, use Leviair's effect to SS Mirage. Use Brionac's effect, discard the card you took with Archfiend to bounce Leviair or Gagaga, doesn't really matter. You'll remain with Brionac, Mirage and Gunman/Leviair and the grave with his best set-up.

The Emeral Route requires at least an Emeral in the Extra Deck, Mirage in the grave along with 2 Necromancers and 2 Archfiends, and HED and Brionac on the field. Like for the Gunman Route, this situation isn't hard to set-up.
Use HED's effect to banish Mirage, tribute itself to SS 2 Necromancers, eff of the first Necromancer, SS Archfiend without searching or search an ABC, eff of the second Necromancer, SS the second Archfiend, search a discard fodder. XYZ the two Archfiends into Emeral, use his effect to shuffle back 2 HEDs and an Infernity Monster usable as a discard fodder, then draw a card (you'll have 2 cards in hand right now, then). XYZ the two Necromancers into Leviair, use its effect to SS Mirage and then use Brionac's effect to discard the two cards in hand to bounce both Leviair and Emeral. The only change that can be done here is what to put back with EMmeral, I'll explain it during the combo.

There's even a Brionac Route, but since it is usable only a time, there's no need to write it here, I'll write it directly in the combo.

Here's the full combo, then (on hand, without having yet used your normal summon, Mirage, in grave Archfiend, Necromancer and Avenger, in the extra deck , 1 Brionac, 1 LV5 generic Synchro 1 Emeral, 1 Leviair, 1 Gunman and 2 HEDs):
NS Mirage
Go into the HED Route searching Launcher with Archfiend's effect.
/Use HED's effect, banish Mirage, tribute itself, SS Necromancer and Avenger, use Necromancer's effect to SS Archfiend searching for a second Necromancer and discard him for Launcher's effect, Synchro into Catastor with Avenger and Archfiend (or into any summonable LV 5 Synchro), use Launcher's effect to SS the second Necromancer and Avenger, use the second Necromancer's effect to SS Archfiend searching for another Archfiend, Synchro Avenger and the LV5 Synchro into Brionac.
XYZ the 2 Necromancers into Leviair, use its effect to bring Mirage back, then use Brionac's effect to discard the Archfiend you have in hand to bounce back Archfiend, then use Brionac's effect again to discard Archfiend and bounce Leviair./ (the part in those 2 "/" is the Brionac Route)
(now as you can see you have the perfect set-up, Brionac and Mirage on the field, 2 Necromancers, 2 Archfiends and an Avenger in the grave and all we need in the Extra Deck)
Now use Mirage's effect to start the HED Route, then go into the Emeral Route, then go into the HED Route, and then into the Gunman Route. The "pattern" is, then HED-Gunman-HED-Emeral-HED-Gunman-HED-Emeral and so on. However, since we search and discard a lot and put back only an infernity monster (with Emeral Route) once every 4 Routes, we could run off of discard fodder, that's why when we are left with few discard fodders in the deck we can change the pattern into HED-Emeral-HED-Emeral and so on, but we'll need to put back 1 HED and 2 discard fodders, since it is infinite, we can do infinite times till when we put back everything (except 2 Archfiends, 2 Necromancers, 1 Avenger and, if you don't have him on the field or banished, 1 Mirage), then restart the normal pattern.
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Gagaga Gunman and the new Infernity OTK Empty Re: Gagaga Gunman and the new Infernity OTK

on Fri Aug 03, 2012 10:30 pm
This looks more like a combination than an article.
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