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The story of a survivor!

on Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:12 pm
It's been days now. I lost count. I hardly see planes fly that don't even care to look down. This Academy seems abandoned. I know of one person that still is here, but I barely see him and when i do, it's from a very far distance. This place is so big it's confusing.

Today i saw the river. It was full with fish. I decided to stop and try to catch some, and so I did. Another boring day at the abandoned academy.

Something is wrong. Day suddenly tuned to night. I was frightened. It is so dark that I can barely see. I will find a safe place to sleep until tomorrow. I must be imagining things.

This darkness will never seize. It's the 4th consecutive day of darkness. Either I am crazy, or something did happen. I herd screams out in the forest. This makes me believe even more that I am crazy. I don't know when to sleep, since it's dark all the time, i decided to sleep whenever i feel tired.

I have to get out of here. Weird things happen here day by day. I'm starting to think that this is just a dream, a dream i can't escape. I will start to build a raft in about ten hours. I am still confused about the time of day.

The raft is complete. All i have to do is way for the storm to pass, and then i will be on my way to the ocean.

I will be leaving in one hour, i decided to leave this journal behind in case another soul get's lost in this place. Fallow my advice and get out as soon as you can. Common sense does not apply here.
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